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The Double Haul: The most important fly fishing cast to master!

If you want to make longer, more accurate casts and eliminate those needless false casts, you need to learn to double haul! We see way too many people missing opportunities and spooking fish simply because they feel its necessary to false cast. False casting is also the culprit of most tangles. Let's face it, unless you fish and practice your casting regularly, you probably aren't efficient enough with your casting abilities to execute a number of false casts without issues. Learning to single haul, then double haul, will 1.) get you to practice 2.) get you more familiar with your casting stroke 3.) eliminate those false casts 4.) make you more accurate 5.) increase distance 6.) get you more familiar with your equipment AND 7.) get you to PRACTICE!

By pulling your fly line, with your non casting hand, during your backcast, you have just made a single haul cast. If you incorporate the pulling of the line during your forward cast, as well, you have just double hauled! The pulling of your fly line during the back and forward casts, loads the rod more efficiently, therefore, giving your rod more energy to propel (shoot) your fly line and your flies. This will allow you to get to a spot a considerable distance away with one cast. When fishing from a moving boat, hitting spots quickly can be the difference in catching fish or not and on small mountain streams, false casting can spook those fish right in front of you. Learning this cast will make you a better angler and will increase the amount of fish you catch..GUARANTEED!

This quick video will show you how to execute a double haul. Its all about timing and the only way to get the timing down is to practice! Good luck.

We look forward to fishing with you again soon!

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