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C'mon, Man!

All right...all of you big, strong, bank shooting, 'I got this,' homies! This post is for you. Leave your ego, pride, and macho man ways at the house. We do hundreds of trips a year. We fish with men and women, young and old. We know the 'know it alls' when we meet them. Hopefully, these clients are with their wife or child, because they are about to get schooled. Every time I have a husband and wife combo, I can almost always expect the wife to out fish the husband. Why?

As men, we feel like we can do anything on our own. We don't need help or someone telling us what to do and how to do it! Well, if you have never fly fished (especially for trout), you are gonna have a long day if you don't listen to guidance. Fly fishing is not a sport where you can grab a rod and have it mastered in a day. I have fly fished for many years, and am still learning every day. You hired a guide for a reason. Take advantage of their knowledge and listen to their advice. We spend hundreds of days fishing our waters. We know where the fish are and how to catch them. It is not a problem if you've never held a fly rod in your hands, but don't think you know what you are doing because you watched a Youtube video. We are here to help, let us! We get a LOT of men that do a LOT of fishing for species other than trout with conventional tackle. They get in the boat and shrug off our instructions and immediately try to 'hit the bank.' First, we are not bass fishing! Second, that tangled up mess you just created (trying to hit the bank), took you out of the game for the next 10 minutes. Fishing for trout, is all about the drift and keeping those flies in the water. Constant recasting and trying to hit different spots is counter productive and will greatly decrease the amount of fish you catch. Trout are all throughout the rivers and when you keep your flies in the water, they'll go over fish. If you are constantly pulling your flies out of the water and recasting, you are not fishing! Your flies aren't getting seen by fish and you are greatly increasing your chances for tangles and tangles mean a timeout. We will tell you where to fish and when to cast. I know it's hard, but if you want to have a successful trip, just listen to us.

We don't care how strong you are! These expensive rods are built for a purpose. Let the rod do its job. Many men feel like it is their big muscles that will get those flies out there. Sorry, but it's not your muscles, it's your rod that does all the work. Getting a proper bend in the rod; and timing that bend with the back cast and forward cast propel those flies. Overpowering the rod usually messes up that timing and takes that energy away from the cast.

Wait for it! Patience is a must with fly fishing...especially for trout. The cast is all about timing and waiting for your flies and line to extend all the way behind you before you start your forward cast, is essential. If you don't, you introduce slack in your line. Slack takes the energy away from your rod, messes up your timing, and that cast won't go where it's intended and will greatly

increase your chances of that line tangling. Think of every cast, like you would if you were taking that next shot on the golf course. You don't just walk up to the ball and hit it. You figure out how far you need to hit the ball? Which club you'll need? Are there any hazards? How is the wind? etc... Your next cast is exactly the same! You need to think about where it's going? How you're going to get it there? Are there any hazards? Wind? etc...Patience will increase greatly increase your chances at catching fish and will greatly decrease the amount of tangles.

When a group shows up and they are splitting up between the males and females, I will ALWAYS pick the ladies. Women (and children) are, generally, much more patient, they don't try to cast 80' of line every time they cast, they keep the flies in the water, and they LISTEN! Women and children do great when it comes to grasping the mechanics of fly fishing.

We are here to get you on fish and teach you how to catch them on a fly rod. We will work our butts off trying to make sure you have the most successful trip possible, but we can't catch the fish for you. You have to do your part. And sometimes that means you need to get out of your comfort zone and allow us to guide you. It is very rare that our clients don't walk away 100% satisfied. Whether, you listen or not, we will be working to get you on fish and having a good time. It's really all about getting out, enjoying the scenery and having a great time with great people. The fish is an added bonus! Just Kidding....for us, it's all about catching fish!

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